Our Trans-Canada Vacation: Part 1 – Life in a van and a tent

We didn't take a lot of vacations when I was a kid. The money just wasn't there for a family of 5 living on 2 teacher's salaries. Somehow though my parents managed to save, probably over the course of a couple of years, for us to do a road trip across the country. In principle …

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How to start your day off right

Unless you're some weirdo who wakes up like a ball of energy, it's hard to get up in the morning. The alarm goes off, you hit snooze, 2 maybe 3 times before you finally drag your butt out of bed. Then groggily get ready for your day and spend most of the morning in a …

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Why resolutions rarely work

It's 2019. This means we look to the new year to be better than the last and try to better ourselves, be more successful and live a happier life. There's nothing wrong with this, it's a good thing to want to be a better person. No one is the perfect version of themselves, because perfect …

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Summer at the pool

Yes it's cold outside. Yes it's almost Christmas. What better time than now to talk about summer at the pool. This will either be a complete tease to anyone who's landscape is covered in snow and ice or give you something to imagine and make you feel warm. Regardless it will most likely make you …

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The saddest Christmas story in my family

When I was a kid I was pretty sensitive. That was before real life decided it was time to keep kicking me like it does everybody else. When we're children we see the world through a rosy lens. There's good and bad and we don't think about the grey areas where most of our adult …

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Why you should play Dungeons and Dragons with kids

There was a time when playing Dungeons & Dragons was frowned upon. Whether it was being accused of promoting devil worship and murder or just the stigma of being too nerdy for anyone cool to play, it was on the edges of popular culture. Those who played it kept it secret or at least didn't …

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Boxing day traditions

When I was a kid we had few traditions in my family. We generally weren't the type of family to be hung up on tradition or doing things because that's how it was always done. However around Christmas we did have things that we did every year. Not because it was tradition, I doubt any …

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Why I love every Star Wars film

A long time ago, in a suburban home far far away...OK not that far. Like literally 3 kilometers from where I'm typing this but I digress. In the late 70s and early 80s home video became a thing. Before that you had to go to the theater, buy your popcorn, watch the movie and if …

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Christmas Morning

Christmas in our house was always an exciting time. Even though my parents didn't have a lot of money, they managed to save throughout the year to make sure Christmas was something special. My brother and sister were out of their Santa believing period by the time I really understood what was going on at …

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3 Albums that changed me

My brother was older than me. By 9 years. That's a long time when you're a kid. He was an adult before I entered high school. Now I know what you're saying, "It must have been great having a brother that much older". Yeah, not so much. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't all sunshine …

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